5 easy unplugged activities to organise in your classroom

Publication date: November 20, 2019

1. Creating Binary Bracelets – an unplugged activity to learn about the binary system

By Manel – Code Week teacher in Tunisia

The participants aged 7 to 10 were told to draw and build their dream robot using stickers. Every participant got to explain how the created robot was functioning. Once that was done, students had to find a way to assure that the robot would follow the given instructions.



After giving an explanation about the principle of binary code, the pupils have to code the first letter of their first and last name using one kind of pearl for (0) and another for (1). From there they could start creating their bracelets.

In a second time they got some time to write a message to someone close using the binary system.



Our pupils enjoyed this activity. The motivation was very high and we noticed they were very involved and had fun while learning about their robots’ language. They helped each other to create their creation.



2. Bring Baby Dinosaur back to his mother!

By Nuray, Code Week Teacher in Turkey

I’m a kindergarten teacher, I organized this activity with my students who are 4 years old. The aim of the activity is to take the baby dinosaur to the main dinosaur. I prepared the direction keys from covers of bottles. I wanted the children to take baby dinosaur to mother dinosaur using these direction keys. It was a fun activity that attracted children’s attention.

3.  Introduction to computational thinking through lego constructions

By Dragana, Code Week Teacher in Montenegro

The students made different figures from lego cubes, collaborated, socialized and exchanged experiences. They are happy and pleased to have been a part of this project.



4. Student robots to develop algorithmic thinking

By Erkan, Code Week Teacher in Turkey

Within the scope of problem-solving skills, we did coding with algorithmic thinking with third-grade students. Because we do not have computer-based coding and robot material,
Şenol became a student robot, another student was a programmer and a third student was doing software. His mission was to send the robot to the trash. Algorithm forward, backwards, right, left turn codes completed.

The name of our Codeweek 2019 activity is “Code L akdag”. We have been working hard and having fun during Code Week.

5. From geometrical shapes recognition to creating a maze

By Svetlana, Code Week Teacher in North Macedonia

This activity, developed for 7 years old pupils, was two-folded. First, the student had to find similar geometrical shapes and color them in the same colour. After that, we created a maze, with patterns and grids of geometric bodies and bottles. Every student had to get to the finish by using code steps. The directions are given by the teacher or by any other student. The students enjoyed the various activities.