Publication date: November 25, 2019

By Santiago, Code Week Teacher in Spain

A colour Makey Makey is an activity designed for students to review colours.

The activity took place in a kindergarten classroom where boys and girls are from three to six years old.

This activity was carried out because in the classroom there are children of three, four and five years mixed and, as a teacher, I decided to create an activity where some children could review the colours they already knew and those of three years review this new content for this age.

To realise this activity we need the following materials:

  • Plastic cups (5)
  • Paints (green, yellow, orange, blue and red)
  • Circuit board (Makey Makey)

Steps to realise the activity:

  1. Create a code using Scratch.
  2. Connect the Makey Makey to the code mentioned in step one.
  3. Pour paint and water each of the respective cups.
  4. Have the student hold cable that is attached to the circuit board.
  5. Click on the green flag on the left-hand side to begin playing.

The program is available to the public on the Scratch platform under the title “Aprendiendo los colores con Makey Makey”.



The activity was carried out in class after the break time because the children at the time are more tired and excited and this is an activity that they like and motivates them. Since they love to touch the water and see that if they succeed they hear applause, they love it.

Therefore I can conclude by saying that the activity was very rewarding for them and another way to learn the name of the colours for the children.