Achieving through coding

Publication date: April 28, 2022

Republic of Turkey Ministry of national education Yildiztepe primary school

Our school is the biggest school in Bağcılar with 2900 students and 108 teachers. Every year, it organises a certain number coding activities, increasing the number of organised activities even further this time. Since our principal was in favour of using Twinning education this occasion, we had a meeting and planned out specific activities. The goal was to have all classes in our school participate in a coding activity.  

Also, we organized a Code Week coding activity for each knowledge level in our school. We delivered the papers to the classes a day before the activity, and also submitted the event to Code Week at the same time. During recess, we encouraged students to code by music, while suppling different coding materials.  

We realised that coding improved the attention span of all our students. This made us more about the power of coding and the importance of teaching it. We also saw how easy and fun coding looks like at the end of an activity, although it might have seemed difficult at start. After receiving very positive vibes from our students, we included coding activities in all other lessons. Then we saw that the lessons became more cross-disciplinary and understandable by doing so.  

In our school, education is based on web2.0 design tools and robotic coding. We follow the guidelines of educators like John Dewey, Vygotsky, Bloom and Piaget who focus on the importance of constructivism. Thus, we integrate 21st century skills and technology for a complete, multidisciplinary education.  

At the end, our coding activity proved out to be a great success. It also allowed us to gain the Code Week Certificate of Excellence – making us proud of what we achieved.  

Now, our future goal is to reach more students and have more coding activities. 

Because coding makes us happy.