Albania EU Code Week Hackathon 2023: Shaping dreams with code

Publication date: October 4, 2023

The Albania EU Code Week Hackathon 2023, which took place on 8-10 September, has been an outstanding showcase of innovation, creativity, and collaboration. Held at the Albanian ICT Academy, this hackathon was organised under the umbrella of EU Code Week, which celebrates the power of programming and tech-related activities in driving positive change. In this blog post, we look at the event’s highlights and results. 

Obviously, the heart and soul of any hackathon are its participants, and the Albania Code Week Hackathon 2023 was no exception. In fact, he remarkable teams that participated, and those that emerged as winners, showcased excellent problem-solving abilities and an unwavering passion for making a positive impact. 

The winning teams 

For example, the “Unyo” team, who tackled the challenge of creating an inclusive education system for children and young people with disabilities, took the coveted first place. Rightfully, their hard work and ingenuity earned them a well-deserved reward – a six-month ICT training scholarship, coupled with three months of incubation and acceleration. 

The “Journey Buddy” team, secured the second place. This team’s mission was to tackle the overarching topic of the hackathon – to use code to solve problems and give life to your dreams. Their innovative solution earned them a four-month ICT training scholarship and three months of invaluable incubation and acceleration support. 

In third place was the “NavigateTirana” team, who took on the challenge of improving public transport and its online accessibility. Their commitment paid off with a four-month ICT training scholarship and a three-month internship opportunity with our partner companies. 

Evidently, the innovative approaches proposed by the winning teams clearly showcased the power of coding in creating tangible, real-world impact and delivering solutions that address societal challenges. 

Solving problems and giving life to your dreams 

In 2023, Albania was one of six countries selected to host the Code Week Hackathon. Furthermore, the theme, “Code to problem-solve and give life to your dreams,” encouraged participants to propose solutions to challenges in education, tourism, transportation, and other sectors. Indeed, this theme not only sparks innovation but also encourages participants to dream big and work towards a better future.  

Finally, the Albania Code Week Hackathon 2023 had a strong emphasis on fields such as STEM, computer science, design, engineering, and ICT. For this reason, the event was a resounding success, bringing together young talents with a passion for technology and innovation. Undoubtedly, these young minds proved that with code and creativity, they can address pressing societal issues and create meaningful change.  

We applaud the winning teams and all participants for their dedication and innovation, and we eagerly anticipate the impact of their solutions on Albania’s future.