Be the first to design 3D games with Scratch and win prizes

Publication date: October 13, 2015

Scratch is an amazing environment where you can express yourself with coding, focusing only on creativity. In spite of the intuitive block-based interface it is so expressive and powerful to allow you to implement challenging games and any type of computer programs and amusing effects. Scratch extensions do even more, breaking any barrier and going beyond your imagination on what you can do with Scratch.

Scratch3D is a scratch extension which has been developed to enable 3D modeling and 3D game design with Scratch.

We are proud to announce that the development team of Scratch3D has decided to release Scratch3D alpha during Europe Code Week and to launch acompetition to obtain the feedback of the many young developers who will accept to test it during and after Code Week.

That’s a three-fold opportunity: having the fun of designing 3D games with Scratch, having the thrill of being among the first ones to test a new product, and taking part in a competition that can bring you to win Make!Sense boardsand a grand prize of 500 Euros.

Please read below the message that I got from the Scratch3D team, and enjoy the fun of 3D modeling!


Contest with many prizes and a grand prize of 500 Euros!  Go to



“We are excited to announce the alpha release of scratch3D, a new scratch extension that gives tomorrow’s next world-changing computer scientists and programmers the tools they need to create fully 3D games and graphical simulations. We can not do this alone, though, which is why the scratch3D team is calling on all the members of the Europe Code Week and beyond to help us test out this newest addition to the Scratch family.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to use scratch3D to create a 3D game, scene, artwork, story, simulation or any other 3Dprogram you can envision. The submissions will be broken down into 3 experience levels with the top 5 submissions from each level winning a Make!Sense board and sensor kit!

Go to to enter the contest, and also look, a simple affordable plug and play board that lets you add sensors to any Scratch project.”