Brick Sequence and Tricky Tower

Publication date: December 22, 2021

By Irina Fomitseva, IT teacher Tallinna Kesklinna Vene Gümnaasium. Estonia. 

You will challenge your sensory-motor skills, using your eyes and hands to coordinate movements. Physically, this helps us to balance, walk and run, but also refreshes our energy and thinking while we enjoy being active. 

Skills practiced: You will challenge your fine motor skills, and especially the muscles used for “pinching” pencils in a steady grip. We use fine motor skills every day for tasks like handwriting, typing, crafts and playing instruments. 

Try this: 

  • Lay out your bricks in a row – some facing up, others down (see picture)
  • Give each position (up and down) a sound,stompor clap – and ‘translate’ your visual pattern into movement and sounds  
  • Can you spice up the sequence with other brick positions


Try this  

  • Spread out your six bricks on a table 
  • Stack the bricks short end to short end, using one hand 
  • Try to make the tower as high as possible 
  • Can you do this with your other hand?

Suitable for 1st to 6th grade students. Time 30 min. 

Irina Fomitseva, IT teacher Tallinna Kesklinna Vene Gümnaasium