Celebrating the EU Code Week School Label 2023

Publication date: May 28, 2024

We are thrilled to announce the results of the EU Code Week School Label for 2023! This year, almost 100 applications were received, and we proudly awarded the Label to 90 exceptional schools from 18 different countries. The celebration of these outstanding achievements will take place during the online EU Code Week Community Meeting on 18 June 2024. 

Recognising Excellence in Coding Education 

The EU Code Week School Label acknowledges schools that have demonstrated a strong commitment to promoting coding and computational thinking. These schools have gone above and beyond in integrating digital skills into their curricula, organising high-quality coding activities, and fostering an inclusive environment for all students. 

EU Code Week School Label Highlights in 2023 

  • Applications Received: 97 
  • Schools Awarded: 90 
  • Countries Represented: 18 
  • Education Levels: 
  • Secondary schools: 12 
  • Primary schools: 19 
  • Kindergartens: 21 
  • Schools offering all levels: 38 
  • Renewed Labels: 20 schools renewed their Code Week School Label from 2022 

Motivations Behind the Applications 

The motivation to become a EU Code Week School is driven by a shared vision of preparing students for the future. Here are a few insights from this year’s applicants: 

  • Primary and Secondary School in Romania: “Our school firmly believes in the importance of raising awareness for the significance of teaching digital skills. By becoming a Code Week School, we hope to foster digital literacy, promote creativity and innovation, and prepare our students for a future where coding and digital skills are essential.” 
  • Primary and Secondary School in Italy: “Becoming a Code Week School represents both recognition of past efforts and further encouragement to continue promoting greater integration of computational thinking through coding and robotics in the school curriculum.” 

Ensuring Equal Opportunities 

Ensuring equal access to digital skills is a cornerstone of the Code Week School initiative. Schools have taken various approaches to ensure all students have the opportunity to learn coding, regardless of their background: 

  • Croatia (Primary and Secondary School): “Ensuring equal opportunities for all students to acquire digital skills and exposure to technology is a key aspect of the school’s mission. Our school provides digital devices and Internet access to all students, including Roma students in our district school (by joining the European e-school project), and designs extracurricular activities in a way that is inclusive and accessible to students with different prior knowledge and learning needs.” 
  • Greece (Primary School): “Our school actively promotes coding and technology awareness among specific groups through initiatives like the Girls in Tech Initiative, the Socio-economic Inclusion Programme, and Diversity and Inclusion Workshops. We also collaborate with community organisations to host inclusive technology workshops.” 

About the EU Code Week School Label 

The EU Code Week School Label is awarded to schools that have demonstrated a sustained commitment to promoting coding and computational thinking. These schools have successfully organised high-quality Code Week activities, integrated computational thinking into their curricula, trained teachers, and raised awareness about the importance of teaching coding. 

To apply for the Code Week School Label, schools had to meet a series of criteria: 

  1. Ensure that at least 5% of the school’s pedagogical staff contribute to Code Week School activities over the next two years. 
  1. Have organised at least six high-quality Code Week activities in the past two academic years. 
  1. Obtain official support from the school’s principal or headmaster. 
  1. Remain active for two academic years (2023/2024 and 2024/2025) after being awarded the Label, with a two-year plan detailing the integration of coding and computational thinking across the curriculum. 

Congratulations to all the awarded schools! Your dedication to fostering digital skills and preparing students for the future is truly commendable. Together, we are building a brighter future for education in Europe. 

We hope to meet many of you on our School Label celebration on 18 June!