Celebrating World Radio Day with EU Code Week Podcasts

Publication date: February 13, 2024

EU On 13 February, we celebrate World Radio Day and, to mark the occasion, we are excited to highlight the enriching world of EU Code Week Podcasts that delve into the realms of coding, computational thinking, robotics, and innovation. As we commemorate the enduring legacy of radio, let’s explore how this timeless medium aligns with the dynamic future of digital education.

EU Code Week podcast series

The EU Code Week podcast series, hosted by Arjana Blazic, Eugenia Casariego, and Eirini Symeonidou from the EU Code Week Team, is a treasure trove of over 40 episodes.

These podcasts aim to bring coding and digital skills closer to educators, students, and communities. Whether you’re interested in introducing digital skills to the classroom, coding for pupils with special educational needs, or understanding children’s digital rights, there’s a podcast to cater to every interest.

The three most popular podcasts in the series in terms of listener numbers deal with “Coding without Tech”, the “Coding Olympiad & Cyprus Computer History Museum” and “Coding Books for 2023 to support digital education”.

The most recent podcast, “Coding against Climate Change” features an insightful conversation with Koen Timmers, who discusses the pivotal role of coding in combating climate change.

Moreover, the episode explores how technology, particularly coding, can be a catalyst for collaboration in addressing global challenges.

Make sure to check them out!


Enduring relevance

As we celebrate World Radio Day, it’s fascinating to note the enduring relevance of radio as a dependable and widely utilised form of media. In an era marked by technological innovation, radio continues to shine as a means of communication. The EU Code Week Podcasts, available on the EU Code Week website, or on SpotifyGoogle podcasts or Apple podcasts, echo the inclusive and informative nature of radio, reaching a diverse audience with engaging content.

This World Radio Day, dive into the captivating world of EU Code Week Podcasts and discover the power of coding, computational thinking, and innovation. Join the EU Code Week Team and expert guests in exploring diverse topics that empower educators and students alike. As we celebrate the past, present, and future of radio, let’s embrace the dynamic possibilities that podcasts offer in shaping a digital future filled with knowledge, collaboration, and innovation.

Happy World Radio Day and happy listening!