Citizen Code Python

Publication date: January 10, 2023

By Ornella Marcotullio, Code Week teacher in France

Citizen Code Python is a free educational game that allows you to learn to code. It is developed by TRALALERE and France IOI with the support of Amazon Future Engineer. A platform with many activities to learn to code in Python, using Blockly in particular. Each activity allows to build different elements: buildings, trains, trees and much more! By completing the activities, pupils will build their own city, while winning great rewards such as certifications and open badges! The latter will be given away at the end of the season, in a digital, non-forgeable format to certify the skills acquired by the pupils. They also emphasise the rigour with which the content of the workshops has been thought out, because in order to obtain these certifications, the pupils must really acquire the associated level of skills. 


Citizen Code Python is a way to discover the secrets of coding regardless your age and level, it’s a game for everyone: children, teenagers, young adults and even parents. Completing this course players will be taken through a fun and educational adventure at the end of which they will discover the pleasure and the benefits of coding. 

Furthermore, Citizen Code Python it’s a fun learning experience that is 100% free: to develop their city, players must code the elements that make it up in Python. For beginners who find it difficult to start programming directly in Python, the programme also offers the possibility to code with blocks (Blockly), an alternative that helps to acquire algorithmic logic. The programme is designed as a series divided into seasons published on a regular basis. The first season comprises six episodes (that would add ap to about 15 hours of coding). To progress in the adventure, the player must achieve the objective of the first episode before moving on to the next: at each key stage, they can change the appearance of their avatar with new customisation elements and grow their city. The playful learning of the Blockly language, in the form of interlocking puzzles, allows the player to learn the logic of coding in a simple way before moving on to the more complex stage of writing, with the Python scripting language.
Note that there is also a version for teachers where the levels are all unlocked directly, with teaching sheets to help them carry out workshops and initiate their class. 

The Code Week 

We decided to launch Citizen Code Python for Code Week 2022, on the 18th of October! 

Our event is published online on your website and is available at the link here. In one week, during the code week, we had 850 subscribers on the platform. Now more than 25 000 subscribers on Citizen Code Python’s platform! The animateurs and professors can use Citizen Code Python to do activities with children and students to discover the Python language together, and for free.  

We wish we will be able to organise a big event with schools and associations also for the next Code Week in 2023!