CoCo webinar to present a “co-creative” computing platform for children

Publication date: November 29, 2023

Exciting news for educators, parents, and tech enthusiasts as EU Code Week proudly announces an upcoming webinar: “Meet CoCo: A real-time ‘co-creative’ computing platform for children.” This innovative session is scheduled for Tuesday, 5 December 2023, from 17:00 to 18:00 CEST. Register now 



CoCo, short for “Co-Creative Computing,” stands as a beacon of empowerment for educators and a playground of possibilities for students. Designed by the creative minds of Shruti Dhariwal and Manuj Dhariwal, PhD students at MIT’s Lifelong Kindergarten research group at Media Lab, CoCo aims to transform the learning landscape by fostering real-time co-creation, coding, and collaboration among children. 

A glimpse into CoCo’s features 

CoCo provides educators with the tools to initiate safe and private communities where students can collaborate seamlessly, irrespective of physical or remote learning environments. The platform boasts a diverse range of expressive environments, merging block-based and text-based coding inspired by Scratch 3.0 and p5.js. And it also delves into the realms of digital art and creative writing. 

Firstly, children on CoCo can bring their imaginations to life by programming multiplayer games, crafting collaborative stories and simulations, and engaging in shared programmable video experiences. The platform goes beyond the virtual, allowing young minds to create new types of collaborative physical computing and robotics projects with their peers. 

One distinguishing aspect of CoCo is its deliberate omission of individual-centric metrics like profiles, likes, and followers for young learners. Instead, CoCo is designed to nurture values of interconnectedness and non-judgment, fostering an environment where creativity takes centre stage. 

Meet the visionaries 

Moreover, Shruti and Manuj Dhariwal, LEGO Papert Research Fellows at MIT, have been creative collaborators for over a decade. Furthermore, with a shared passion for the intersection of creativity, learning, play, and technology, they previously co-designed social and educational board games in India, impacting thousands of schools and families. 

Their latest creation, CoCo, has garnered attention globally, with features in MIT News, EdSurge, and recognition from European organisations like Code School Finland and Programamos, Spain. Educators from 80+ countries have already embraced CoCo in their classrooms and communities. 

Join the webinar to explore CoCo’s potential 

In this exclusive webinar, Shruti and Manuj will delve into their motivations and the ideas behind CoCo, offering a first-hand look at the platform’s collaborative possibilities for young people and educators. This is a unique opportunity to gain insights from the creators themselves and discover how CoCo can empower young minds everywhere to experience the power and joy of “Being. Creative. Together.” 

Don’t miss out on this exciting session. Mark your calendars for Tuesday, 5 December 2023, from 17:00 to 18:00 CEST, and register here to secure your spot. Let’s unlock the gates to creativity and collaboration with CoCo!