Code Week 2018 reaches new records and takes place in 72 countries

Publication date: October 24, 2018

EU Code Week 2018 has proven to be the most successful to date. The total number of activities registered is now 41,000, involving hundreds of thousands of participants, most of them in schools.

Of the 41,000 EU Code Week activities organised this year, more than 36,000, or 88%, were carried out in schools. This means that over 10% of schools in the EU and Western Balkans have participated in EU Code Week this year, as targeted by the European Commission for 2018.



Organisers can still register their coding and tech related activities on the CodeWeek map and are encouraged to take advantage of all of the resources and training modules that are available year-round.

By organising workshops, seminars or other activities you’ll become part of the growing EU Code Week movement which underlines the importance of coding education across Europe and beyond.

To learn more, visit the EU Code Week website.