Code Week inspires kids and teachers in Ukraine

Publication date: October 18, 2018

Across Ukraine, school children in their classrooms, their teachers, students and adults took part in Europe Code Week.

Some 80 activities took place all across the country. School teachers supported the initiative and showed their students the exciting world of coding. They inspire, motivate and guide children as they begin to code.



Scratch, Python, 3D and Robotics events are happening in schools, community centers and computer clubs all over the country. Children have opportunity to learn coding in a fun way “It’s cool and amazing,” says one of the young participants. “I’m now able to write an algorithm.”



Larysa Khokhlova, the teacher of Computer Science in Pavlograd, involved many girls in coding.



Elementary students from Mykolaiv created their own Scratch story and designed it using LEGO WeDo.



Young children from Smyha created an Android-based app for football players. It helps to count how much water the players need during the day.

In Novoyegorivka school, younger students learned how to code and older kids practised in Minecraft.

All the participants are already looking forward to the 2019 edition.