Code Week moves ahead in the Netherlands, with micro:bit webinars for teachers

Publication date: October 12, 2020

by Pauline Maas, Code Week leading teacher in the Netherlands


This week, as part of EU Code Week (2 weeks full of coding fun in whole Europe) Peter Heldens and Pauline Maas will give two micro:bit webinars about the beautiful small computer that is designed to teach children coding and have fun making their own projects.

On Tuesday 13 October at 17.00, the MICRO:BIT BASIC webinar beginners will take place. Pauline will introduce you to the basics of the micro-computer and give you some background on how to (online) teach with micro:bit, after which you will even make your own game. You don’t need a micro:bit for this webinar. In the end, she will show you a lot of inspirational material what to make with your micro:bit and how to engage your students. You can enrol for this webinar here.

On Thursday 15 October at 19.00, the ONLINE TEACHING WITH THE MICRO:BIT webinar will take place. It is bit more advanced and will give you tips how to use the micro:bit classroom to teach your online lessons and Peter will give a demonstration of the micro:bit stream where you can add more cameras so your students can see how to add the cables to your micro:bit or show other electronics on your desk. And of course, they will show you again all the nice activities you can create with the micro:bit and your students. You can enrol for this webinar.



Peter Heldens and Pauline Maas made more than 300 projects to make the website where they describe 101 projects in Dutch to complete with the micro:bit. You can find all the free material here.

At his moment they are finishing their English book with 25 projects with the micro:bit. (Invent to Learn with the micro:bit).