On the International Day of Education find out CodeGuppy – a fun coding resource for teens aligned with Code Week values!

Publication date: January 24, 2023

Today is the International Day of Education! On this important day we reflect on our mission to support coders on their learning journey: for more than a decade, #CodeWeek has supported education in coding and computer science in communities in every corner of the world! We are proud to play a part in educating the next generation and we will continue to fulfil our mission to make coding accessible to all!

On this day we would like to celebrate CodeGuppy, one of the numerous platforms, that shares many of the same values as EU Code Week, and aims at teaching people to code through fun and engaging activities.  

What is the platform about  

The CodeGuppy platform is a place where teenagers can come to learn JavaScript coding through fun and easy-to-follow tutorials. With CodeGuppy, you can learn to code real games and applications directly in your browser, without the need to install software on your machine. Any Windows, Mac or Chromebook computer is perfect for CodeGuppy. 

The platform can be used in the classroom (perhaps as part of an EU Code Week activity!), in a coding club, or at home. The platform’s curriculum of lessons and projects is tailor-made for kids, and includes activities such as interactive graphics and game creation.  


How is the platform structured   

CodeGuppy platform has a large range of tutorials to choose from – from an introduction to coding, to pixels and coordinates, expressions and variables and much more. There is also a video library in which you can find videos to watch on a range of topics – from drawing shapes to animations, so make sure to check it out. 

The platform is an excellent resource for educators, who can use it at middle or high school level to start a coding club and teach coding to their pupils. As there is no software to install, teachers can teach coding directly in the browser. What’s more, screen-sharing technologies such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, WebEx and others, make it easier than ever to teach online coding classes. 

CodeGuppy teaches JavaScript, which is currently the most used and popular programming language. The platform’s code editor gives beginners the opportunity to type their first line of code, while at the same time allowing advanced users to create multi-scene platform games.