CoderDojo is coming to the European Parliament during EU Code Week!

Publication date: September 8, 2014

CoderDojo, the global network of coding clubs for kids, which was started in Ireland, is coming to the European Parliament on October 14th! #EUDojo will be attended by MEPs and industry leaders. And if you run a CoderDojo anywhere in Europe, you can still get involved:

We are looking for mentors and Champions from all over Europe to bring young people from their Dojos to Brussels on the day of October 14th. We are specifically looking for young people who are eager to mentor, or who already mentor at their Dojo so they can show the MEP’s a thing or two about coding!

By joining the CoderDojo Foundation in the EU Parliament, we want you to showcase the skills and creativity present in your Dojo. Young people from all around Europe, as well as their mentors, can teach our MEPs whats cool about code!

Find out more about the event and how you can apply to bring your CoderDojo Ninjas to Brussels, on the new CoderDojo website.