#CodeWeekJam: Let’s gather all the games created during Code Week 2019!

Publication date: September 20, 2019

By Matthias (EU Code Week Ambassador in Germany)

In the last years, we noticed a lot of activities during EU Code Week played around with games. Normally, games are just viewed as a consumer product: you get it and use it. Creating your own instead can feel like magic, but is often hard to imagine. However, there are many programs out there to make it really easy nowadays. The limit is your creativity, not your technical skills. Anybody can do it, and more and more people meet to create something together, in a short time frame, from a couple of hours to a weekend or a week. Not everybody has to actually code – sound, graphics and writing are also needed which involves even more people! This kind of events are called GameJams, and you may even have done one already during the last editions of Code Week. Until now, all those beautiful creations were just visible to the audience on location, and that made us sad.

So this time, we created a proper GameJam page on itch.io, a platform for little games which can host jams as well. Our goal is to gather all the games created during Code Week 2019 in one place, so everybody in the world can see them and play. There is just one challenge to consider this year: the topic. We would like to have a topic each year, starting with “YOU ARE
THE WEATHER”. Let your game creations be inspired by your environment!

If you teach a game-design workshop, want to develop something on your own, or create a game during Code Week in any other way – you can upload it to the jam page between
October 1-31. To take part, simply create a free itch.io account, join the jam, create a project and submit it (you can read the itch.io’s FAQ if you get stuck). In November, the games can be rated by everyone as well. Watch out on social media with #CodeWeekJam!

If you have no idea how to create a game, or how to help others create a game, you also have the possibility to join a live-lesson on Friday, October 4th, 11 am CEST HERE. Or, if you
want the full picture, you can join the official EU Code Week Deep Dive MOOC. We also listed many simple and free tools, guides and hints on the jam page itself.

Let’s get started and JOIN THE JAM!