Coding away the January blues with EU Code Week

Publication date: January 15, 2024

As the holiday season fades away, the classroom atmosphere may be filled with a sense of post-celebration gloominess. The cold weather, dark mornings, and the challenge of keeping up with New Year’s resolutions can contribute to the January blues. To counteract this, EU Code Week offers a plethora of engaging activities that not only introduce students to the world of coding but also inject a dose of excitement into their learning experience.

Podcasts to spark inspiration

One fantastic way to inspire students is through EU Code Week podcasts! For example, the episode on Lego in Education reveals the fascinating connection between coding and Lego. In the episode Katarina Veljkovic, a Global Teacher Prize finalist from Servia, utilises innovative techniques, including Lego robots, mobile phones, and virtual worlds, to foster creativity and address real-life challenges.

For instance, in another podcast titled “Play, Code, Create: Programming and the Gaming Industry,” Hendrik Lesser shares his experience of working in the gaming industry. He discusses the use of gaming in the classroom, and his perspective on the future of education. These podcasts offer a unique opportunity for educators to learn from experts in the field and integrate fresh perspectives into their teaching strategies. Check out all the EU Code Week podcasts here.

Interactive coding platforms for fun learning

And, to add an extra layer of excitement, educators can leverage interactive platforms that make coding enjoyable. Platforms like Kodable provide expert-designed games, activities, and creative tools to help kids learn fundamental coding concepts in a fun, interactive world. Similarly, Code Ninjas offers a game-based curriculum in a safe and inspiring environment, allowing kids to make real progress while having a great time.

Other resources include CodeMonkey, a fun and educational game-based environment, which is designed for students with no prior coding experience. Completing CodeMonkey’s courses leaves students with confidence and a sense of accomplishment, navigating the programming world with ease. Alternatively, you could try Scratch, a free visual programming language and online community that empowers students to create their own stories, games, and animations. It opens up countless possibilities for creative expression within the coding realm. Check out this EU Code Week podcast on bringing coding to schools with Scratch.

Challenges to encourage participation

Furthermore, for those with a more competitive edge, EU Code Week hosts various challenges, from air drawing with AI to illustrating a joke with bitsy. These challenges not only test students’ coding skills but also encourage creative problem solving and collaboration. Browse through the EU Code Week challenges to find one that will get your students excited about coding.

Undoubtedly, January can be transformed into a month of excitement and inspiration with the right coding activities. For example, by incorporating EU Code Week activities into the classroom, educators can create an engaging and uplifting learning environment, making coding a source of joy and motivation for students. Let’s code away the January blues and pave the way for a month filled with innovation, creativity, and learning.