Coding from home – Practical tips and good practices to organise remote classes

Publication date: March 23, 2020

By Annika Östergren Pofantis, EU Code Week Team

Stay in touch with students. Make the most of existing on-line resources. Use cloud tools.  Provide structure and respect the school’s time schedule. These were Alessandro Bogliolo’s, Italian EU Code Week ambassador and professor at University of Urbino, tips for teachers organising lessons remotely at the first EU Code Week Coding from Home webinar.

Alessandro said that coding is quite easy to introduce remotely and encourage teachers to make coding activities as fun as possible. He, for example, suggested teachers propose daily activities and games that the children can play with their families. Alessandro himself organises coding lessons for families in cooperation with Italian TV RAI.

Deborah Elalouf, French Code Week ambassador, shared the Code-Decode online training path available in English and French that aims to help participants understand coding and digital culture.

Francisco Javier Masero Suarez, Leading teacher from Spain, showed a practical example of a remote lesson combining karate and coding (see the presentation on Google Drive or Slideshare). He underlined that although students are at home they need to do physical activities. He said that combing coding and sports allows students to develop cognitive and physical activities in the same project.

See the recording of the webinar here.

A second Coding from home webinar will take place on Tuesday 24 March 15.00 CET. Speakers include Ana Stamatescu Code Week Ambassador Romania, Madhumalti Sharma, Code Week Ambassador from Luxembourg,  Pauline Maas, Leading Teacher Netherlands on unplugged coding And Stefania Altieri, Leading Teacher Italy on the online coding game.