Coding Up Some Seasonal Cheer: A Festive Adventure in Tech Wonderland

Publication date: December 18, 2023

The festive season is upon us, and what better way to usher in the yuletide joy than by infusing a bit of code into our seasonal celebrations? This year, let’s ditch the traditional ornaments and embrace digital decorations with some jolly coding activities that bring both merriment and tech-savvy vibes to the holiday season for teachers and students alike. 

Holiday Code-a-Story 

Step into a world of creativity and accompany your students on a Seasonal Code-a-Story adventure. Using platforms like Scratch, young minds can concoct interactive tales featuring Santa, his elves, and perhaps a mischievous reindeer or two. Imagine the joy of seeing a digital storybook come to life with the magic of code. It’s storytelling at its merriest! While you’re at it, check out this Coding with art through Storytelling challenge on the EU Code Week website. 

Santa’s Sleigh Navigation Game 

Why not turn coding into a sleigh ride through a digital maze with a Sleigh Navigation Game. By using block-based coding, students can guide Santa through tricky paths, avoiding obstacles and collecting festive goodies along the way. This playful challenge not only hones coding skills but also ensures Santa delivers gifts with precision, with resources from For more inspiration, check out this Create a Maze activity from this year’s Code Week. 

Advent Calendar Animation 

Count down to the holidays in tech-savvy style with an Advent Calendar Animation challenge. Students can flex their coding muscles using JavaScript to create a digital advent calendar adorned with animations and interactive surprises. Imagine the excitement as each day reveals a new digital delight. Unlock the festive spirit with this coding endeavour, and discover the joy of coding magic at every click. Dive into the coding wonderland with resources from CodePen and read ‘Coding and animation: a symphony of creativity and innovation’ for some inspiration. 

Holiday Greeting Card with Python 

Season’s greetings take on a whole new meaning when coded with Python. Introduce students to the world of Python programming by having them craft a simple, yet heart-warming, holiday greeting card. Whether it’s a snowfall animation or a festive message written in code, this activity adds a sprinkle of tech magic to the art of sending warm wishes. Explore the beauty of Python coding with resources from Trinket, making it a truly memorable coding venture. Also, why not check out this Code Week podcast Combining Coding with the Arts and the Create your own Masterpiece Code Week challenge. 

Elf on the Shelf Coding Adventure 

Create an adventurous coding expedition with an Elf on the Shelf coding adventure. See your students become tech-savvy helpers as they guide their elf through various challenges using coding commands. From overcoming toy obstacles to reaching the top shelf, this coding escapade will bring the festive spirit to life in a digital realm. Unleash the coding prowess with resources from Bitsbox and embark on an elf-tastic journey that combines coding skills with holiday cheer. 

This holiday season, let’s deck the halls with lines of code and infuse the season with the spirit of tech wonder. From interactive stories to navigating Santa’s sleigh, coding brings a new dimension to festive celebrations. So, grab your coding tools, sprinkle some digital glitter, and let the festive coding adventure begin! May your screens be merry and bright, and may your code bring joy to all — Happy Holiday Coding!  getty