Creating a city collaboratively combining creativity and STEAM

Publication date: October 11, 2019

By Rosa María, Code Week Teacher in Spain



A city called Chiquituá is a project born from another school project named CHIQUITECTAS/OS, both related to architecture. This project takes place in a Galician town called Arzúa, in Galiza/Spain.



The 23 students play the leading role in this project, they take their own decisions, they design, create and build up… all the different parts in an average city. The objective is to work with the STEAM in the classroom using 10 escornabots and 2 beebots. We are going to focus on different programming aspects and in order to get that we will use three different languages: Galician, Spanish and English. These are some of the commands we are learning: Forward, backwards, left and right.



The students choose a destination for their bots within the city and then they have to:

  1. They think, plan and talk to each other in their group.
  2. They write the sequence.
  3. They program the bot.
  4. GO!!!

This project involved the whole community: students, teachers and families.