Day 1 of the EU Code Week Pilot Summer School:

Publication date: July 9, 2019

What actions can we take in order to make code week 2019 a success within our own community? 

By Dea (EU Code Week Team)

On Tuesday 9 July, Commissioner Maryia Gabriel welcomed the 25 Leading teachers participating in the EU Code Week pilot summer school with an inspiring speech, congratulating Leading teachers on their involvment, encouraging further growth of the initiative, and stressing the importance of coding in schools across Europe and the Western Balkans. Coming from 16 different countries the participants gathered with the goal of building a stronger network and spreading the idea that Code Week is for everybody.



The first topic explored in this Summer School was communication as a starting point to bringing coding to more schools through Code Week. Teachers had the opportunity to exchange
experiences and ideas linked with communication and to identify key success factors for impactful communication in Code Week 2019.



Together, as a strong community, participants were thinking, sharing and planning what actions they can take in order to make Code Week 2019 a success within their own contexts. After sharing ideas, participants started on working on concrete action plans in order to maximize their impact in their communities and beyond.