Day 3: Building a MOOC together

Publication date: July 11, 2019

Teamwork makes the dreamwork !

By Dea (EU Code Week Team)

The main focus of the 3rd day of the EU Code Week Summer School was to build a MOOC together. The day started with 5 parallel workshops on how to link visual programming, robotics, tinkering, unplugged activities and coding with all subjects. We were reflecting on advantages and brainstorming to find solutions to existing challenges.



Later we explored remote lessons with leading teacher Stefania Altieri. We participated in royal battle on CodyColor as an exemplary tool for remote lessons.



While organizing and giving a remote lesson you should be aware of how to adjust to you audience and what kind of environment it creates. However, remote lessons give an opportunity to bring any technology, any knowledge you may have wherever you want to bring it. There are various tools which we can be used for remote lessons, today we decided to focus on Adobe Connect.