Day 4: What are our next steps? The end is just a new beginning.

Publication date: July 12, 2019

By Dea (EU Code Week Team)

The fourth day of EU Code Week Summer School started with a roleplay on how to engage who doesn’t know EU Code Week and coding? We practised this putting ourselves in different roles and perspectives, from parents, teachers, web developers and different ministries. Together we tried to find ways to communicate about EU Code Week.



How to organize a hackathon? We found an answer to this question in today’s session.

Hackathons create a great opportunity for students (and for teachers) to develop digital creativity, problem-solving skills and to create the future of learning. After discussing and reflecting on hackathons, we had the opportunity to participate in a simulation where great ideas came alive. One dress for every mood? Solar panels small enough for bicycles? Saving the planet? No need to worry anymore, coding has an answer to everything.



For the last day of EU Code Week Summer School 2019 we wanted to make sure that each of us wenthome with something concrete, so we encouraged our teachers to work on action plans for the next code week. Many different ideas and many different ways on how to put these ideas into practice were shared. It is very important to share and to create a network.



Thank you all for your valuable input and ideas and for the nice time we shared. New activities for Code Week 2019 are just around the corner!