Developing the digital skills of teachers for creating the education of tomorrow

Publication date: September 28, 2015

Born into a world where technology is an integral part of everyday life, students need to understand technology and to be able to make the best use of it in their everyday activities. Schools and teachers can play a crucial role to help students succeed in the digitized society. Yet, teachers need to understand how the integration of technology in the classroom can support their students to develop a wide range of digital skills that ensure young people possess the skills required by the labour market.

European Schoolnet Academy has recently launched “Developing Digital Skills in your Classroom”  MOOC which is intended for teachers in primary and secondary schooling. In 6 modules the course explores the definition and role of digital skills generally and then looks at specific skill areas and how to address them in the classroom. The focus of these modules is on how pedagogically the skill area can be addressed and what tools are available to help the teachers and students. Some of the questions the modules will address are:

  • Why digital skills are important
  • How to make the best use of
    technologies in the classroom
  • How to create digital resources
  • How to program machines
  • How to use social media in
    schools to amplify lesson activities

At the end of the MOOC, teachers should have a better understanding of how integrating technologies in the classroom can create a space where students are more engaged and creative. By making teachers get comfortable with technologies, “Developing Digital Skills in your Classroom” aims at supporting teachers in the creation of rigorous teaching curriculum and showing how technology can amplify teaching in the 21st century.

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