Do you know – and share – our values? Then join us!

Publication date: October 12, 2021

The Code Week community is a firm believer in the power of creativity, curiosity and collaboration. These wheels mobilise each action and initiative carried out by teachers, and supporters all over the world.

As a voluntary-led initiative, EU Code Week is independent. Our community offers activities and trainings to encourage more people to start programming and to create with code. Our main goal is to make computational thinking, coding, programming, computer science, robotics, tinkering with hardware and digital skills at large available and attractive to as many people as possible.

This starts, of course, with the younger generations who are destined to live in a more digital world. And whether it is coding robots or participating in unplugged activities, the experiences around coding help participants boost their digital skills, confidence, academic interest and overall perseverance, regardless of their age, origin or background.

EU Code Week is glocal, precisely, because it reaches communities, big and small, all-over Europe and many other regions as well. Our goal is to make coding materials accessible in as many languages as possible and open the doors of collaboration to expand the power of coding and improve the quality of education globally.

And even though coding might be seen as individual work, in truth, it is an activity that calls for cooperation and team work to solve challenges and build long-lasting solutions together. This collaborative environment is visible at each of the free activities where participants work together to learn or tackle a problem. Activities are organised by thousands of teachers, code clubs, libraries, companies, and many other partners and by adding them to the Code Week map, anyone can see the wide variety of activities and join-in.

EU Code Week is non-profit, and we encourage private and public entities to contribute to the success of the initiative and organise free activities and training courses for participants.

The beauty of our community is to see how the offer of programming activities and resources increases and reaches a larger audience. This is how creativity and innovation are ignited. And this is our biggest motivation because EU Code Week encourages innovation.

Finally, digital skills are essential and build confidence in an ever-growing digital world, and our community puts this at heart of all activities. This is why EU Code Week is thank-full to its community.

If you feel like our aims and values are similar to the ones you and your colleagues and classmates share, then you are more than welcome to join EU Code Week.

And if you are a teacher, a coach, a parent or represent an institution that is involved in activities around coding, let us know. We want this blog to be a space where you can showcase your efforts and achievements, so share them with us.

Happy EU Code Week!