Embarking on an Educational Odyssey: Stories from “Navigating Innovative Technologies across the Curriculum” MOOC 

Publication date: January 19, 2024

Educators from 75 different countries embarked on a transformative journey through the “Navigating Innovative Technologies across the Curriculum” massive open online course (MOOC) during October and November. Organized by EU Code Week, this initiative aimed not only to equip educators with the skills needed to integrate innovative technologies into their teaching, but also to weave a tapestry of stories that would resonate in classrooms worldwide. 

The MOOC, comprising four modules, commenced on October 9 and concluded on November 15, 2023. The modules aimed to help educators integrate coding activities across the school curriculum, in all subjects. The course covered a range of topics, such as the whole-school approach, Augmented Reality (AR) and  app development. Blending online modules with on-site study groups, the course created a global network of collaborative learning, which enabled the participants to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of innovative technologies more smoothly than on their own. 

As the MOOC concluded, the numbers spoke for themselves. A diverse group of 1,816 educators from across the globe engaged in practical hands-on learning and theoretical exploration. Across 16 countries, 32 study groups were formed, becoming local points of support and community for educators diving into the world of innovative teaching methods. 

What truly made this educational journey special was the enthusiasm and commitment of the course participants. The engagement achieved was 73% (percentage of people who registered in the course and who started it), reflecting the dedication of educators worldwide. Nearly 670 educators successfully completed the course, marking a 50% completion rate that reflected their commitment to enhancing their skills. 

Personal impacts 

The MOOC was a transformative journey for many of the participants. One participant shared, “I liked the organisation of the MOOC because it was intuitive and easy to follow. The online lessons were great, and also the various Padlets which gave me the opportunity to read the comments of colleagues and express my own.”  

Feedback from participants showed that the MOOC was highly appreciated by those who took part. From well-organized registration to creative educational modules, the sentiments were decidedly positive. Clear explanations, useful examples, and the joy of discovering new tools found a place in the participants’ stories. 

Another participant shared, “I enjoyed working together in a Study Group with my colleagues and in an international environment. I particularly enjoyed learning about the diverse range of innovative technologies and their application in different areas of the curriculum.” These study groups were not just gatherings; they were the places where ideas flourished. 

An ongoing story 

While the MOOC might be over, this does not need to be end of this journey! The course materials and activities remain accessible on the course page, and we invite educators to explore and implement the ideas and examples presented. For those who missed the live sessions, don’t worry! The recordings as well as all the course materials are still available on the course page and registration is free. Take just a minute to register and dive into the world of coding.  

We are very grateful to the dedicated educators who participated in the “Navigating Innovative Technologies across the Curriculum” MOOC. Your commitment to bring innovation into your classroom is an inspiration for us, and we look forward to witnessing the positive impact these learnings will have in your education practice. 

For those interested in more learning opportunities and staying connected with the EU Code Week community, join us on the EU Code Week Teachers Facebook group and share your thoughts on Twitter using the hashtag #CodeWeekNavigatingTech.