Engaging 1 million people in EU Code Week from Turkey

Publication date: April 11, 2019

by Zehra Sayin, Code Week Turkey Ambassador



Turkey has been participating in EU Code Week since 2014, with participation steadily increasing every year in Turkey and across all of Europe as well. Most recently in the 2018 edition, Turkey has contributed 7 700 events to the Code Week webpage and involved a total of 932 200 people across the country, representing the most significant rise in participation to date.



Throughout the last four years, Code Week has provided many opportunities for students, administrators, adults and all those interested in coding education. Events can be organized by volunteer organizers and can include classes, schools and even broader partnerships.



The number of young people involved in Turkey in coding, robotics and computational thinking has represented a rise interest in the topics, similarly as in other European countries. Students from mostly the preschool, primary and secondary levels attended activities organized by teachers from different schools. Organized workshops have provided an amazing opportunities for  students and have resulted in fun learning opportunities.



Turkey is expected to engage more students and teachers in coding education as part of Turkey’s 2023 Educational Vision. In line with this aim, evaluation studies are taken into consideration in order to make data-based decisions. Therefore, we have prepared a report evaluating EU Code Week in Turkey. The report was published on the Code Week Turkey web page. You can access the report via this link: http://codeweekturkiye.eba.gov.tr/?page_id=214