Enjoy Code Week on-the-go: EU Code Week launches its first podcast series

Publication date: November 2, 2021

Today, we are officially sharing with our community the first podcasts series about coding, computational thinking and robotics and how to bring these innovative technologies to the classroom. 

With Eugenia Casariego and Arjana Blazics from the EU Code Week Team as hosts, our listeners will have the opportunity to learn more about a wide range of topics: from coding and media literacy, poetry and arts to robotics and using game design in the classroom. 

They also interact with experts in the field, to deepen the information and deliver practical yet entertaining ideas for everyone to implement.  

In the first episodes, you will meet Alessandro Bogliolo, a computer science professor at the University of Urbino and an ambassador for Code Week in Italy, Ollie Bray, the Strategic Director of Education Scotland and Teá Horvatic and Marijana Smolcec, both teachers from Croatia.  

Find the EU Code Week Podcast Series on Apple, Spotify and Google. And stay tuned because more episodes will be launched in the coming weeks.