EU Code Week 2014 reached more than 150,000 Europeans

Publication date: May 6, 2015

The second edition of EU Code Week took place between 11 and 17 October 2014. A survey amongst event organisers shows that more than 150,000 Europeans took part in 4,000 coding events in 37 European countries. This makes EU Code Week 2014 13 times bigger than the 2013 edition.



Highlights from EU Code Week 2014:

  • At least 150,000 participants took part in the EU Code Week
  • Around 4,000 events took place during the peak of the EU Code Week, 11-17 October
  • 37 countries hosted events, with Ireland and Greece being the top event organisers
  • Two thirds of the events were created specifically for the Code Week, thus successfully encouraging new actors to get involved in coding.
    At the same time the initiative managed to give visibility to existing events and initiatives.
  • Most events had mixed audiences, but 29% of the events welcomed high school aged students and 28%  elementary school aged students
  • 89 Code Week Ambassadors volunteered time and efforts, and coordinated nationally
  • EU Code Week was far more successful in involving schools and teachers than initially expected.
  • 63% of participants were girls or women.
  • 48% of the events focused on basic programming concepts.
  • Compared to 2013, which featured 300 events, EU Code Week 2014 was more than thirteen times bigger in number of events and participants.

Data sources: The sources of the data used in analysis come from the mandatory event registration forms, the EU Code Week website, a survey amongst all event organisers and a survey especially targeting Italian event organisers.