EU Code Week free Icebreaker course starts 11 May

Publication date: April 30, 2020

The free EU Code Week Icebreaker massive open online course is back for a second year due to popular demand. The course will take place from 11 May to 15 June.

The course is designed for anyone who wants to help children develop new skills and reach their potential, whether you are a teacher or a parent. Moreover, you do not need any
previous coding experience to join. The course encourages families and teachers to bring innovation into the home and classroom and provides ideas on how to engage children and students using new, fun and educational activities. Participants will also get access to learning material and resources in 29 languages that will help them plan and organise their own coding activities.

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What this course will teach you

The Icebreaker course covers these key areas:

#1: Introduction to coding and computational thinking

The course will first introduce you to the basics of coding and computational thinking and demonstrate the importance of cultivating these skills at home and in school. Teachers will learn how coding can be integrated into teaching any subject, while parents will learn how to engage children in coding activities in the comfort of their homes.

#2: Overview of the EU Code Week activities

The course will give you an overview of the Code Week initiative and walk you through the different activities you can organise at home or in school. You will also be given access to learning materials and lesson plans in 29 languages to get you started.

#3: Practical tips

In the third session, you will receive valuable insights on how to get your school involved in the initiative. The course moderators will also share best practices for organising Code Week events and activities. And don’t forget, every week can be a Code Week!

#4: Live Q&A session

The course will also organise two live sessions, so be sure to write your questions in the comments! They will take place on 18/5 and 8/6 at 5 p.m. CET. In the second Q&A, session participants will also be given the chance to share their know-how and best practices. The rest of the five-hour course can fit around your schedule– the platform will be available throughout from 11/5 to 15/6.


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