EU Code Week Hackathons 2023: the Grand Final

Publication date: November 22, 2023

As the EU Code Week Hackathon series 2023 draws to a close, we reflect on the remarkable journey that unfolded in Greece, Latvia, Italy, Albania, and Ireland. These hackathons, held under the umbrella of EU Code Week, showcased the ingenuity and collaborative spirit of young minds in addressing real-world challenges through coding and technology. Now, as we eagerly anticipate the grand final on November 24, where national winners will face new challenges and further develop their projects, the excitement is palpable. Below we recall the highlights of each national event, introducing you to the brilliant minds behind the winning projects. 

Greek Hackathon: Uniting Hearts with HUGS 

Firstly, the Greek Code Week Hackathon centred around the pressing issue of recycling food and medicinal resources. Team “Heart2Heart” emerged triumphant with their application, “Help Unanimously, Give Support (HUGS).” Moreover, this innovative solution not only facilitated the convergence of food industry proprietors and volunteers but also aimed to eliminate food wastage, contributing to a “zero food waste” paradigm.  

Latvia Hackathon: Empowering STEM for the Future 

Latvia’s Code Week Hackathon addressed the imminent shortage of STEM professionals by inspiring high school students to embrace STEM subjects and careers. Team “Exacto” secured the first prize with their ground-breaking solution, earning the honour of representing Latvia in the European final. So, the event not only showcased innovative projects but also encouraged a diverse mix of technical and functional skills, fostering gender balance and a holistic approach to problem-solving. 

Italy Hackathon: Bridging Dreams and Reality 

Italy’s Code Week Hackathon brought also together young talents to address the country’s challenges, emphasising ecological transition and sustainable development. Representing Italy in the final will be the EcoDream Team, with their EcoTrip project, which introduces an app that empowers users to plan trips while minimising their ecological impact. I fact, this solution aligns perfectly with the overarching theme of the hackathon and holds the potential to revolutionise the way people travel, making it more sustainable. 

Albania Hackathon: Shaping Dreams with Code 

Furthermore, the Albania Code Week Hackathon showcased remarkable innovation and creativity. First place in Albania went to the “Unyo” team, who tackled the challenge of creating an inclusive education system for children and young people with disabilities. Their hard work and ingenuity earned them a six-month ICT training scholarship, coupled with three months of incubation and acceleration, and now they will get to develop their solution even further at the Hackathon grand final on 24 November. 

Ireland Hackathon: Fostering Innovation and Collaboration 

Finally, the Ireland Code Week Hackathon, held in a hybrid format, brought together 28 talented students from four schools. Participants faced an exciting twist: the challenge was unveiled on the first day of the hackathon, requiring teams to design, develop, and implement solutions to real-world problems. The winning team – Team 1 from Colaiste Mhuire with their Cabhrú idea – will go forward to the grand final and develop their idea further on 24 November. 

The Grand Final: Anticipation for the European Showdown 

The excitement is building as we look forward to the Hackathon grand final, where the national champions will gather virtually to face new challenges and further develop their winning projects. The schedule of the final is as follows: 

  • 20 November: first workshop with the mentors;  
  • 22 November: second workshop with mentors; 
  • 23 November: third workshop with mentors; 
  • 24 November: submission of the projects, followed by voting, and award ceremony. 

The best three teams will get to travel to Brussels, where the award ceremony will take place, marking the culmination of an inspiring journey that started in Greece, Latvia, Italy, Albania, and Ireland. Stay tuned as the EU Code Week Hackathons conclude with a celebration of innovation, collaboration, and the boundless possibilities that coding offers for shaping a better future.