EU Code Week is piloting its School Label 

Publication date: March 21, 2022

This week the Code Week School Label launches in 6 pilot countries: France, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Slovenia and Spain. The Code Week School label will award schools from the six pilot countries with a Code Week label of excellence valid for two school years. The Code Week School label is an initiative proposed by the Code Week community. 

What is the Code Week School label? 

We will award the Code Week School Label to outstanding schools participating in Code Week in the pilot countries. A Code Week School has contributed to Code Week in the previous years through the organisation of high-quality Code Week activities. The school has a plan in place to integrate computational thinking* into the school curriculum, through the organisation of Code Week activities, the training of teachers, and by raising awareness for the importance of teaching coding and computational thinking. The Code Week School Label serves both to award those schools which have had an enduring commitment to Code Week and which are ready to support the local development of the movement. 

What are the requirements to apply to become a Code Week School? 

In order to apply to become a Code Week School, we ask aspiring schools in the six pilot countries to: 

– Show how at least 5% of the school’s pedagogical staff will be contributing to activities part of the Code Week School label in the coming 2 years. 

– Have organised at least 6 high-quality Code Week activities in either of the previous two academic years: 2020/2021 and/or 2021/2022, which correspond to the two past editions of Code Week: 2020 and 2021. 

– Official support of the school’s principal or headmaster/mistress and their support and approval of the application. 

– Continue being active for a period of two academic years (2022/2023 and 2023/2024) after having been awarded the Label, by creating a two-year plan detailing the integration of coding and computational thinking across the curriculum and contribution to Code Week. 

Can you apply to be a Code Week School? 

If you work in a school in France, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Slovenia or Spain, apply by filling in this survey: School Applications – Code Week Label! 

In 2022, we will only accept applications from schools based in the pilot countries. If your school is in another country you cannot apply.  In 2023, when we have evaluated the pilot project, we may expand the initiative to other countries. 


* “Computational thinking” in this context is used to convey a general meaning encompassing other terms: coding, computing, computer science.