EU Code Week Spring School 2022

Publication date: February 23, 2022

In April 2022, the Code Week team will launch the third Code Week School for teachers! Following the great experiences of the Summer School 2019 and the Spring School 2021, we will organise a fully online training course for teachers enthusiastic about bringing coding and computational thinking to their classroom. The majority of places are reserved for Leading teachers, but there are also some spots for teachers not yet part of the Code Week community. 

What is the EU Code Week Spring School? 

It is an online training course designed for teachers to bring innovation to their education practice and to get familiar with different approaches to teaching coding. The course will last 6 days and will have 5 sessions in total which will be held online. Sessions will be held on 4 to 9 April in the afternoons. 

The course will rely on peer learning and collaboration among participants, with all sessions including a practical component, which will allow participants to work in small groups, to discuss and to share their own experiences. Participants will work together on their own projects during the course, which will later be considered for integration within Code Week. Therefore, the course will enable participants to contribute and shape the future of the movement! 

Did you know that the Code Week Challenges 2021 and the forthcoming Code Week School Label are initiatives that resulted from community meetings and training courses, such as the Spring School? 

Which topics will the course cover? 

During the course we will combine both theory and practice, as well as give plenty of room for interaction and collaboration. Some sessions or topics that you can expect are the Code Week initiative and its resources, CS Fundamentals and, challenges of teaching coding, how to train teachers in your local context, or communication and dissemination. A whole day will also be reserved for your own expertise, where participants will have a chance to deliver their own workshop! 

Who is the course open to? 

The course is open to Code Week Leading teachers, both those who recently joined Code Week and veterans, who have not already taken the course. A limited number of spots are reserved for teachers not yet part of the Code Week community. The course is designed for teachers at any school level, teaching any subject. No previous experience is required, as the course aims to gather a varied and enriching mix of backgrounds and expertise levels.  

You can apply to participate until Sunday, 27 February by filling in the application form: , the results will be announced approximately one month before the course.   

You can find more information as well as the course programme in the application form. For now, we hope this article has sparked your interest and we look forward to receiving your applications!