EU Coding Week at the Elementary school “Antun and Stjepan Radić” in Gunja, Croatia

Publication date: November 2, 2020

by Anita Tufekčić and Ivana Ružić from the elementary school “Antun and Stjepan Radić” in Gunja, Croatia

All students from 1st to 8th grade will take part in various workshops during Europe Coding Week.

First graders will try their hand at Pixel Art. As they have just started learning letters, they will colour the letters they know, and some will try to “colour” their own name following a template.

The second-grade students will learn the basic concepts of coding and programming through origami art at the workshop “Origami”.

The third graders will participate in the workshop “Emoji Maths Code Breaking” where they will use emojis to decipher and practice numbers in mathematics and make logical inferences.

Pupils from 4th grade will participate in the Digital Imprint / Footprint workshop. Students will learn that the information they put on the Internet leaves a digital imprint or “trace”. By linking footprints on a map to what a student could post online, students will make valuable connections between physical footprint tracking on the go and tracking based on information posted online.

The fifth-grade students will participate in the “Pixel Art” workshop where they will be given the task to write their name and surname using Pixel Art.

Sixth graders, on the other hand, will participate in the “Robo Challenge” and will operate a “living” robot along a well-defined path on a square grid made on the classroom floor. The “robot” will have a blindfold and listen to the instructions of their programmer.

Students from seventh grade will work with Scratch where they will create an animation, game or story of their choice.

Eighth graders will participate in a “” workshop where they will practice computational thinking by creating various animations as instructed.

The workshops will be held by computer science teachers Ivana Marić and Maša Budimski in collaboration with the school librarian Anita Tufekčić.

Our „Code Week 4 All is: cw20-5WQ03