EU Code Week 2019 in numbers

Publication date: January 23, 2020

By Jakub Kajtman, EU Code Week Team member, European Commission

In 2019, EU Code Week broke new records with more than 72 thousand activities. We brought coding and computational thinking to more than 4,2 million people. Schools played a vital role and an increasing number of activities involved advanced technologies such as robotics, data manipulation or artificial intelligence. Here are the detailed statistics.

New records

From year to year, EU Code Week is growing both in terms of participation and in number of activities. In 2019, the participation went up by 56% compared to 2018. The number of activities increased by 66% and they took place in more than 80 countries across the globe.




We are particularly happy that equal opportunities are at the heart of EU Code Week. In 2019, 49% of participants were girls and women. An average participant was 11 years old and 92% of events took place in schools. The average participation was 56 people per activity.

These results confirm that EU Code Week is an ideal opportunity for kids to experiment with coding, create their first apps or learn how to command a robot in a safe environment that they know.

EU Code Week is about discovering technology in a light and engaging way. That is why playful coding, visual programming or unplugged exercises are among the top themes of 2019’s activities. But an increasing number of sessions and workshops also gave participants a chance to discover advanced technologies such as robotics, 3D printing or artificial intelligence.




Country stats

When it comes to the number of activities and country performance, the leaders were again Turkey, Italy and Poland. We also look at the “per capita” dimension where Malta, Poland, Montenegro, Estonia and Italy reported the best results. You can see the full country results in the attached document.




15 countries more than doubled the number of their activities and 9 countries significantly increased participation.




CodeWeek4All Challenge

The CodeWeek4All challenge triggered the biggest wave of collaboration in the history of EU Code Week. Organisers registered over 2.400 alliances. 1.177 of them fulfilled at least one of the conditions (connect activities in at least 3 countries, connect at least 10 activities or reach at least 500 participants) and their organisers will receive special certificates. 53 reached an extra milestone and fulfilled all the 3 criteria. This is nearly twice as many as in 2018.



To explore activities in your country, go to the EU Code Week Scoreboard. If you want to join EU Code Week and organise your own activity we have prepared a simple guide with tips and materials. To stay up to date follow us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.