European Code Week: an opportunity to innovate in the classroom

Publication date: November 8, 2022

Francisco Javier Masero Suárez, Code Week Leading Teacher in Extremadura, Spain 

On Monday 10 October 2022 at 17:00 we held a webinar during European Code Week, at which we discussed the topic “European Code Week: an opportunity to innovate in the classroom.” At the event, I and other experts such as Leticia Pilar Gil, Pablo Dúo and Álvaro Molina, explained how to bring programming closer to our classrooms in an attractive and fun way. 

The event started off with a presentation of the webinar, mentioning the fact that Code Week is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. Then there was a presentation of the experts who were taking part in the event, starting with me – Francisco Javier Masero Suárez, a secondary teacher and Code Week Ambassador.  

The other experts involved were Leticia Gil Ramos, an early childhood education teacher at CEIP Alfonso VI in Toledo and Code Week Leading Teacher; Pablo Dúo Terrón, a primary school teacher at CEIP Príncipe Felipe in Ceuta and teacher of programming and robotics in the master’s degree programme in ICT and CDD at UNIR; and Álvaro Molina Ayuso, a secondary teacher at IES Blas Infante de Córdoba, a Code Week Leading Teacher and Scientix Ambassador.

Then there followed a presentation of good practices in bringing coding into the classroom, during which participants were able to ask questions in the chat. The presentations are available on the INTEF website dedicated to robotics and computational thinking “Code INTEF.” (You can find Leticia, presentation here, Pablo’s here, and Álvaro’s here.) 

All the activities planned and developed by the teachers were uploaded to the Code Week website, which is an important channel to disseminate our activities, while at the same time sharing what we do with our pupils with the whole educational community, giving it a European dimension.