Family Coding Day – EU Code Week celebration in Luxembourg

Publication date: November 29, 2019

By Madhumalti, Ambassador for EU Codeweek Luxembourg

@Technoport – incubator for start-ups

On a rainy Sunday afternoon, we were thrilled to welcome 150 participants with their families for the Coding Gouter event organized by Code Club Luxembourg, to inaugurate Code Week celebrations in Luxembourg. Over 50 volunteers, of all ages from 8 to 60 years helped to run the afternoon full of coding activities ranging from coding bracelets, dash robot race, AI conference, Pixel art, Scratch introduction and advanced practice, Makey Makey, Computer art, mBots, basics of programming without a screen – Robot Cubetto, creative Board games, algorithms to let you solve Rubik’s cubes and more.



Team Luxembourg, selected for Global Robotics championship, presented their robot that would participate in the challenge for cleaning oceans at The First Global Robotics Championship
in Dubai with 190 participating countries.



Starting at 2 pm, participants were welcomed with bright green balloons, 3D printed badges and a running 3D printer at the welcome desk, as well as smiling volunteers for an
an afternoon filled with fun.

Near the welcome desk was a big table full of snacks brought by the families to share – several kinds of cakes, pastries, cookies, fruit, juices etc. Then they had a difficult choice to select which workshop they wanted to start with. The glass walls were quickly filling up with pixel art made with coloured post-its. In one of the rooms there was a conference running about AI, at periodic intervals. The younger participants especially enjoyed the Dash Robot race. On a big table, several computers were set up to code and run Scratch projects. Some children tried it
for the first time while others took the opportunity to show their advanced Scratch skills and coded cool stuff.



There was another table with Makey Makeys where children used bananas to play music. On another table, children were writing an algorithm to code a bracelet with beads.



There was another room where the little ones were playing Board games with Lego. The algorithm to solve the Rubik’s code drew a lot of interest from the parents too.



The event ended at 5 pm with several smiling faces. The young volunteers enjoyed the candies from a special piñata prepared for them.