Friday’s here, but Code Week is not over yet!

Publication date: October 17, 2014



Today marks the last day of the ‘official’ Code Week, but in fact, it is far from over. As a slogan which emerged during the past days says, ‘every week should be Code Week’. And we know already now that we are on a good way to make that happen some day – there are still 650 events coming up and new are being added every day.

What does not cease to amaze us is just how far across the continent and beyond Code Week has reached. Just look at all the 3076 events in the 38 countries involved. Markers on the map point to places from the Canary Islands to Narvik beyond the Arctic Circle and from the eastern parts of Turkey to Martinique in the Caribbean.

Today, ‘hackathon’ seems to be the word du jour. Near the eastern border of the continent, in Belarus, the What the Hack hackathon takes place tonight. Make sure to check out its sleek website!

This afternoon, the Netherlands hosted the Young Creators’ Hackathon, another Code Week event attended by Commissioner Neelie Kroes.

And here in Belgium, girls from Girls Code Europe are preparing for the Open Data Brussels hackathon tomorrow.

Talking about girls enthusiastic about coding: click on the image below to read about how the digiVita Code Event in Amsterdam go yesterday.

In Ireland, at appears that a third of people think coding is more important than learning Irish. That is great news and we hope to see coding promoted in schools more soon. We would have mixed feelings if we inadvertently contributed to the demise of an ancient language, though.

In Denmark, NetAvisen, the news site maintained by students and teachers from Roskilde University, published an article (in Danish) about Code Week and coding in education.

On Iceland, coding reached even the most remote places.

In France, the chic Elle magazine published an article about how two French Ministries support homeless girls who to learn code.

Code Week also appeared on several national TV channels: in Spain (see below), in Slovenia and on a Swedish children’s channel.

In Hungary, Code Week was featured on the front page of, one of the top three news portals in the country.


That’s it for Friday; we are planning to dive more into numbers and data we gathered during the past week after the weekend, so expect a summary post sometime next week!