From Player to Creator during EU Code Week

Publication date: November 14, 2023

Every child should be able to create their own world while having a positive impacton  the world. “Code To Create”: with this tagline we created an event for EU Code Week 2023, where children went being from consumers of technology to creators and advocates of coding.

The Flappy Game  

 The event is based on the familiar Flappy Game: Play, Create and Inspire Others.
The first task is to play some games developed by us, this to give our users a sense of what they can do and spark some creativity. Then we asked them to create their own, from scratch using our template. The possibilities are endless: speed, lives, background, hero, enemies & narratives. Lastly we incentivize them to share their creations with others so they can join the movement.  

The Tech For Good  

Simply by doing the contest, we prepare students for whatever lies ahead. Regardless of whether they are pursuing programming careers, ubbu imparts coding basics and essential skills, ensuring comfort with the evolving technological landscape of this century.

But we like to go a step further. By giving them some versions related to the Sustainable Development Goals (cleaning the ocean, saving water, etc.), we were able to spark them to do the same! Check some examples below.

Help the Firefighter  

Can you escape the virus?  

Can you avoid the plastic in the ocean?  

Preserve the wildlife  

You can participate!   

The event is running from the 7th to the 31st of October. We have more than 1300 projects created, join them! You can participate & play for free, you just need an account.  


The Team behind it  

 At ubbu you can discover coding through fun game-based lessons and craft your own digital world! ubbu’s curriculum, tailored for ages 6 to 12, makes learning programming a playful journey. Each lesson aligns with STEAM and UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

The ubbu team.