From unplugged activities to dancing on Scratch

Publication date: October 5, 2019

By Mihael, Code Week teacher in Romania

In our school in Romania, we experiment coding with our students for the first time and we enjoy the wonderful experiences.

We started with simple things, considering the young age of 7-9 years of our students … The coding activities through the game were the first ones that captivated them, such as the coding without a computer, Unplugged, the programming of routes on to cross them different animals / toys brought from home, then the Lego games, in which they programmed different constructions, robots and characters.

I then went on to the next level of programming with the captivating language of SCRATCH. We are still learning the interface of the program, the name of the commands, the way the blocks move in the workspace, we access the library of characters and scenes … We learn the programming methods and algorithms for the characters to move, dance, talk, change their costumes, and to do various actions.

The children are extremely excited, as are the teachers!