Future Makers Awards challenge: use code and technology to make the world better

Publication date: October 24, 2016

Can you think of a problem that affects the world and the people around you? Of course you can. But can you think of a solution? That’s the tricky bit. Can you code your way out of the problem and use technology to make the world a bit better and the future a bit brighter?



CoderDojo and Liberty Global invite all Europe Code Week fans to get involved in the Future Makers Awards. Our aim is to give young people across Europe the opportunity to participate in a pan-European competition with like-minded youngsters to shape the future. Winners will be treated to an awesome two day expenses paid fun filled trip to Amsterdam the European capital of innovation! While each runner up will receive €300 of cool coding/robotics equipment!

How do I apply?

Step 1: Download the application form in one of 10 languages (EN, DE, NL, FR, CZ, HU, ES, PO, RO, IT).

Step 2: Prepare your application package: fill in the application form and prepare your presentation video. Note: the video is optional

Step 3: Send your application to mailto:futuremakers@coderdojo.com by 1 December 2016.

Hope to learn more about your project soon!

Peter O’Shea, CoderDojo Foundation


For further information:

Check out the Future awards page and if you have any questions send them to: futuremakers@coderdojo.com.