Gathering activity ideas at the EU Code Week Summer School

Publication date: August 30, 2019

By Iwona Kowalik (EU Code Week Leading Teacher in Poland)

The EU Code Week Pilot Summer School was an amazing experience for me and I think for all participants! It was great to meet and collaborate with teachers from so many European countries. Once again I could see that “sharing is caring”. We got to learn so many interesting things about coding and to know more about ideas of other EU Code Week Leading Teachers! We inspired each other. In addition, I found a lot of interesting events linked to coding organized in European schools.

Thanks to a fun ice-breaking activity we learned to know each other and started to collaborate in a truly fantastic atmosphere of European Schoolnet. I will never forget the amazing trio that led us through this experience full of warmth and care for us: Nair, Tommaso and Konstantinos.



It was wonderful to participate in all the very interesting workshops. My favourite one was Pauline’s workshop about Micro:bit. I didn’t know this tool before but Pauline convinced me to use it with my students. I am sure they will be delighted to work with this microcomputer with endless possibilities!



Another big inspiration for me was the workshop “How to run a hackathon?”. It motivated me to organise 2 hackathons this October! One will be prepared for teams of 5th graders from my Primary School, no 16 in Wrocław, and the second one for teams from 5 different primary schools in Wrocław. I also involved a scientist from Wrocław University of Science and
Technology to help us prepare a “street game” that will combine math and unplugged coding. I hope it will be an unforgettable EU Code Week!



During the EU Code Week Pilot Summer School, we had lots of opportunities to talk with all the participants, not only in the workshops at the European Schoolnet. The Joint walks,
breakfasts and dinners enabled the exchange of experiences and were an amazing inspiration for further work. I hope that we will continue to cooperate and we will meet again!