Generation code: Born at the library

Publication date: October 6, 2016

When you think of a library – you think of books, don’t you? Did you know though that libraries are also important when it comes to non-formal learning?
Europe’s 65,000 public libraries are a uniquely accessible space for users to improve their digital skills, from basic ICT skills to robotics and coding.  

Public libraries make up 30% of Europe’s e-inclusion institutions, and each year 2,3 million people attend a digital literacy course in their library.




Do you want to see this for yourself? You can! During EU Code Week 2016, there are loads of libraries hosting coding clubs and events. For example, CoderDojo classes teach users all about
creating websites, games, apps and software at the public library in Beernem, Belgium, and you can start making them yourself straight away. And in Derry Central Library, Strabane Library and Omagh Library  in the United Kingdom, Code Clubs challenge children into completing “Rock Band”, a step-by-step Scratch project to create a digital animation.

To get a taste of what a public library coding event is like, check out this video from Ballyroan public library in Ireland.

Any librarians and library staff who want to get started can use this toolkit.

If you happen to be in Brussels you can also come to the exhibition Generation Code: Born at the library which will take place in the European Parliament, Brussels. From 18-19 October, coding and robotics experts from pioneering public libraries across Europe will share their technologies at this interactive exhibition. If you want to visit the exhibition or join one of the workshops you can register here.

We hope to see you in public libraries across Europe and in Brussels to explore the exciting world of coding, robotics, 3D printing, virtual reality and much more with fun activities that simulate the daily work of public libraries in introducing people to new technologies.

Helga Baars,

“Public Libraries 2020”, gathering 65.000 public libraries across Europe