Getting Turkey coding

Publication date: October 4, 2022

By Zehra SAYIN

Preparations are underway in Turkey for Code Week 2022. Turkey’s Ministry of National Education, in cooperation with the Scientific and Technological Research Institution of Turkey (TÜBİTAK) and the country’s universities, has begun a “mathematics mobilisation” in the country to facilitate the learning of mathematics by adapting it to daily life skills. Reflecting this drive, mathematics has been set as the theme of Code Week 2022 in Turkey.

As in previous years, information is being provided to schools and teachers all over the country and Turkey’s Code Week organisers have started working with 388 computer science teachers from 81 provinces to prepare them for the week. The organisers are also developing a strategy to collaborate with nearly 8 000 computer science and information technology guidance teachers.

“Coding can be associated with many different courses, but one of the easiest of them is mathematics. That’s why we have created a separate area on coding and mathematics for this year,” said Zehra SAYIN, EU Code Week ambassador in the country, adding that announcements have been added to Turkey’s Code Week website.

What’s on offer?

Two academicians and one teacher have been engaged to give webinars across the country. Teacher Aycan Kavaklı will be giving a webinar to introduce Code Week, explaining why coding education is important, and how to organise a Code Week event, along with other important information.

Professor Dr Selay Arkun Kocadere will give a webinar on gaming and gamification in education and a third webinar, given by Dr Bahadir Yildiz, will discuss the use of coding in mathematics education. For the dates and times of all the webinars, make sure to check the website. They have also planned to organise a hackathon in the spring semester within the scope of the Code Week, with the participation of a number of schools.