GOOGLE offers funding for EU Code Week event organisers: Apply now!

Publication date: August 18, 2015

To mark Europe Code week, Google is offering a limited number of grants up to 4000 USD to support individuals or organizations who would like to run initiatives  to get kids excited about coding.

Criteria: Grants can be used towards initiatives which are aimed at getting student under 18, especially girls and underrepresented groups, excited about computer science.  Programs must take place during Europe Code Week. (If running multiple events, at least part of the program must take place between October 10-18).

To apply: Please submit  your application form by August 31, 2015.

The link for the application form is below:–VCQ33cxb4ofAqVHN0mUcOgWCy7sI/viewform

(Note: Due to the our internal funding process, grants are disseminated 30 days from awarding, so in case of delay you should have alternate funding available as a backup to ensure the initiative can take place during Europe Code Week).