Greek students code for peace

By Katerina Glezou, EU Code Week Leading Teacher, Greece

The students of the 1st grade of 1st Arsakeio Senior High School Psychikou in Athens, Greece, coded a message of peace and support for teachers and pupils in Ukraine in Spring 2022.

The students coded their anti-war messages using the Scratch programming environment and shared it in the “Coding for Peace” Scratch Studio following the EU Code Week community invitation.

Additionally, they created the “Give Peace a Chance!” Scratch Studio to broadly spread the urgent “Stop the war now!” message. They created their own projects from scratch or remixed already-made projects expressing intensively their pacifist feelings.

They students also designed posters using the Canva platform and created presentations using PowerPoint and they shared their anti-war messages in the “Coding for Peace” column in the “EU Code Week 2021 @Arsakeia Schools padlet.


Furthermore, they shared their digital artifacts in a lino.

Have a look at some of the Scratch projects!

Give peace a chance

Peace sign

Peace makes the people come together

Stop the war!

Peace on earth

Stop the war