Halloween paper circuits with EU Code Week

Halloween is this month! Did you know that its origins trace back to an ancient Celtic festival?

To celebrate it with EU Code Week, here is a techie unplugged activity that requires paper, copper tape or wire, LEDs, and batteries.

Click on the Tinkering_activity for instructions on how to create a paper circuit.

A fun and engaging way to introduce young students to the basics of a circuit, while letting them tinker and create their own “circuit designs”.

The circuits can be anything they can think of – from spooky, to scary, to funny!

Some Halloween ideas can be a scary pumpkin, a funny monster, or even a haunted house….muhahahaha….

Here are some cool examples:

Remember to make it engaging, and let their imagination take over this activity!

For extra spookiness, turn all the lights off – or close the blinds – and turn the classroom into a haunted house using their own circuit papers. Booo!!!

Have fun and don’t forget to share the results on FB and Instagram using the #CodeWeek hashtag!