Hands-on workshops for new Computer Science teachers with “Cobie AI”

Publication date: February 28, 2023

By Miha Cirman, creator of  Cobie AI  

As Austria is transitioning to having Computer Science as a compulsory subject, we see a great demand from teachers to experience the subject themselves. This is why we are preparing Cobie AI workshops for teachers with a practical approach by allowing them to practise coding themselves in a supported environment.  

Workshops involve going through code examples together with teachers to allow to experience the assignments themselves. Additionally, in the workshops, we discuss how to introduce the transition from block-based to text-based programming in the classroom.  

Together we will create new use cases for teachers to use in classes. 

About Cobies AI 

Cobie AI is a smart classroom that helps teachers teach Coding and Computer Science by providing them with real-time insights into student progress. Teachers can see all the student’s code, and the AI offers assistance based on their work. Teachers can also give individual feedback to each student, and get a quick overview of the state of learning in the classroom. 

One of the great things about Cobie AI is that it helps teachers transition from other subjects to teaching Computer Science by providing them with pre-made content and personalised assignments. This allows teachers to experience the content before using it in the classroom, making it easier for them to feel comfortable teaching the subject. 

How to apply 

CS teachers, STEM teachers and all teachers in training to teach CS and programming are very welcome to join our workshops. Learn more about the workshops in the link here.