How to make every week Code week – a debate on digital skills and engagement, 27 September in Brussels

Publication date: July 29, 2016

Since its beginnings in 2013 the Code Week EU has grown exponentially. In 2015 over half a million people in 46 countries participated in over 7,000 events, learning to program and cooperate in a digital environment. Also, born in the EU, the Code Week went global. In 2015 the Africa Code Week was created and we have ambassadors in countries such as China and the United States.



This European initiative, aiming at fostering coding skills, digital literacy and tech-enabled collaboration is carried out by a network of passionate volunteers – the EU Code Week Ambassadors. Code Week brings together people from all walks of life – programmers and tech entrepreneurs, teachers, policy makers, big tech industry players – and most importantly – kids and young people.

We are all very excited about the 4th edition of Code Week EU and are working towards reaching even higher numbers of participants. At the same time, it is an ideal moment to reflect together on how far we have gone, how this was possible, and how to move forward and reach out even further. How do we foster programming and other digital skills for 21st century work and life in an even
more collaborative and sharing environment for everyone? What is the role of European policy?

In other words – how do we make every week Code Week?

The debate will take place on 27 September in Brussels. It will be hosted by Claire Bury, deputy Director General of DG CONNECT at the European Commission. It will involve Code Week Ambassadors from all over Europe, representatives of EU Institutions, Code Week partners from industry, NGO sector and academia.

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