International Scratch Day 2019 celebrations take place in classrooms all over Europe. In yours too?

Publication date: May 10, 2019

By Margaux Gillebert, EU Code Week Team

Celebrations around International Scratch day on the 11th of May happen all over the world at a local level with the objective to share projects, learn from peers and introduce Scratch to newcomers. Since Code Week activities can happen all year round, and that it is always nice to showcase what our teachers organize in their schools, we asked teachers from the EU Code Week Facebook Group to share their experiences in Scratch in order to celebrate this day.

For this opportunity, schools from all over Europe organize activities related to the Scratch programming method. Below you will find a couple of initiatives from Poland, Macedonia, Romania and Spain that were organized before the International Scratch day.

In Spain, 6 educational centres came together to organize the “Scratch Day Madrid 2019” on 10 May. In Macedonia, pupils from the Braka Miladinovci School in Skopje used Scratch to learn about photosynthesis, linking coding and science. They developed some animations around the topic to show their classmates what they had learned.




In Poland, previous to the Scratch Day 2019, pupils from Primary School n.16 in Wrocław used Scratch to create some animations that would serve to promote coding.




Finally, the project “Scratch and … Gooal!” in Turda, Romania, made a link between football and coding. Pupils aged 9 to 11 first learned how to code with Scratch and then had
the possibility to use their coding skills into offensive moves done on a real football field. The objective for each team was to make sure the ball arrived in the goal by communicating the code lines to the football players on the field.


Through Scratch, coding can be incorporated in various kind of activities, whether they are on- or offline. From sports to science, coding activities in class can help pupils absorb the knowledge easier, develop competencies and have fun, all at once. If you want to know more about Scratch or coding, you can find plenty of resources on the EU Code Week Website.

What activities are you creating in your classrooms to celebrate International Scratch Day 2019?

Let us know via our Facebook Page and do not forget to register your activity on the EU Code Week Website!

Never heard about Scratch?

Scratch is a programming language created for children. With this tool, they can create stories, animations and games while learning how to code. It was specially designed for children aged 8 to 16 but can be used by anyone.

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